Office of Financial Management Services

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New FMS Project Management System

FMS has switched to a new project tracking system with an integrated wiki, named Trac. This system has replaced both the Keystone project tracking system and the old batboy wiki.

The changes that have resulted from this conversion include:

To insure that no data is inadvertantly added to keystone, we haved turned off visitor access to the keystone system and are redirecting users to the trac ticket that is the equivalent of each keystone slip. Similarly, requests for old wiki pages are now automatically redirected to the converted trac wiki page. All wiki pages have been reviewed, and many updated to be more current and correct.

FMS Development requests are now handled in Trac

We are now using Trac for new development requests and problem tracking.

New FIS slips should now be entered in Jira

With the implementation of trac, project management for FIS slips (issues that previously had a category of FIS Bug Fixes or FIS Enhancements in keystone) will now be managed in UIS Jira: Enterprise Business Systems: Financial Systems. There will be no automated move of keystone slips to jira issues. However, all history for current FIS slips will be retained within the trac system for historical reference.

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